Thursday, February 7, 2013

You're Grand Let's "Skip" Together!

This was my first try at making a little wood head doll ornament! I'm pretty happy with the outcome ...but I do need to pratice some techniques that my blogging friends have shared on the internet :)
This little doll I sent to Elizabeth at creativebreathing for her ornament swap! Elizabeth is an expert at little dollys she also has links with patterns and tutorials. They were very helpful!
 I was trying to bring out the little girl on this valentine card.... I loved the saying on it reminded me of what I would probably asking Elizabeth to do with me if she was one of my grade school classmates! I had a few emails asking how I did the jump rope, what I did was used a pipecleaner and wrapped it tightly with yellow yarn. I need some tips on making the legs strong enough to hold the head up. That was one of the problems I had I cut out a piece of cardboard and used it for leg support in the back of her legs.

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