Saturday, February 9, 2013

A piece of Heaven!!!!

Oh my!!! It's from Elizabeth@CreativeBreathing I can't wait to open it!!!! Michele ...Michele where are you? We  have a package from  Elizabeth!!!!!!Michele and I are now jumping with joy!!!!!! Can you image our faces...we have followed Elizabeths blog for years!!!! We opened the box carefully... ....Delighted with tears was wrapped so neatly and there they were these two adorable bird ornaments that shout "Elizabeth is here!!!!!!" We were both full of admiration of all  the detailed work that  went into these sweet little birds!!!!  Elizabeth brings out her personality in them really is amazing!  She also made this sweet little candy cup filled with  chocolate :) with a tiny little pipecleaner bird on the handle! We also recieved some vintage Valentines cards...and a beautiful heart with a darling little girl in the blue dress! and...look....look at these vintage fabric blocks....they are so pretty....I know just where I can use these!!!! Thank you so much Elizabeth for including us in your ornament swap! You are so generous..... I have learned so much from makes me want to tackle different techniques....and make things as beautiful as your creations! Do you have an etsy shop?....
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