Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retro Chair Makeovers!

Hello, there!  We can't believe that it has been almost a month since our last post.  We have been working on so many projects and Grandmom Betty has been up to visit from Florida.  Here is a BIG project we have been working on and my oh my did these need some help!  We really think they turned out lovely! 

We got these three chairs off of Craiglist for $30.  One of the chairs is a rocker.

As you can see they were in bad shape with a lot of rust!

These chairs had 6 layers of paint!!  And there were also holes due to rust corrosion.
YIKES!  We used Bondo to repair the holes and it worked wonders! 

It took us a long time to strip all the paint off of these!  Then we used a wire brush drill extension to take off the rest of it.  We regret that we didn't take pictures when they were completely down to the bare metal because they were as shiny as a brand new quarter.  We were just trying to finish them before Grandmom Betty got here!

All primed and ready to go!

We still have to spray a shiny protective coat.  We just really are in love with these!

Next we are going to repair the cracks on our concrete porch and give it a makeover!
We hope that you all are having a great week!  We are going to try to catch up on some blogs now!!

Laura and Michele

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