Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thrift Finds...

Hello!  How was everyones' weekend?  We both have been super busy with Spring cleaning, work, and etc.  But...Today we went to go get tires for mom's truck and since there was a thrift store down the street, And we HAD to go!...Because why waste the gas for just one stop?  Atleast that was our excuse!  Hehe.  Anyway we picked up two wine decanters for my Aunt Kim's Birthday (mom's sister) since she collects them, a vintagey bird cage (which was filled with yucky dusty candles and old artificial flowers), an enamel pot that we are going to use as a planter in our garden, and a wind chime made with beads and melted/hammered spoons.  We have several ideas swirling around in our heads about what we are going to do with the bird cage...and we will be posting the outcome...But FIRST we have to finish all the other projects we have going on right now...So little time...So many crafty projects to do! 

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