Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nest Swap!

For the nest swap at @ this is what I came up with for my partner!....First I made a finch and eggs out of paperclay and then I painted them to look realistic! Chris @ said she like the natural look so I was going with somewhat of a realistic look! I bought a jar at Michaels and added some floral grass to the bottom of the jar...I then glued my eggs into the nest and nestled it in the bottom  of the jar. Next I made the little banner to match the color scheme I was going for. I also took this print and put a circle of it in the top of the lid and I  also painted the rim of the lid in an egg blue color and also added a touch of lace around it. I then attached the banner to a stick that I found outside that I mearsured for a good fit. I glued the stick in place and then glued my paperclay finch on the branch! That's about it...I love how it turned out!

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