Sunday, March 24, 2013

Little Tommy :) and State Fair

 My little Tommy Buckaroo is Two months old today! Isn't he a handsome little man :)
 This is some of his bedroom decor...*notice Elizabeths sweet delivery stork :) the middle is one of my (Laura) grandpop Linds' horse toys from when he was a young boy. Grandpop Lind was a bridge horse cop in Philadelphia...he was actually working that sad day when president John F. Kennedy was assassinated!
 Isn't this the sweetest vintage baby planter ..figurine you ever did see...    Michele loved it...I  bought it for her and used it as a display piece at he shower....but I dropped it and broke the shoe...I'm planning on repairing it. Below I started my statefair pieces...just incase I get to do the swap Elizabeth mentioned..She was talking about doing a state fair swap of some I made the balloons below out of paperclay and I'm working on kids and a bunch of other cute stuff.

For those of you who haven't seen it below are two pictures of the spoolie I sent my swap partner Holly @


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