Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring is in the air!

 Here we have my little paper clay bluebird in the making :)  I've taken a liking to working with the  paper clay!!! Thank you again...Elizabeth and Meri :) Below is a copycat pipecleaner bluebird that Elizabeth shared with us all. You can find her tutorial on her blog @ Creative Breathing and I also got the idea of the nut cup from Elizabeth she inspired everything that I am making right now. I was just visiting her blog and she has a wonderful tutorial for everyone! Also below is my paper clay duckie but she still isn't finished. I still have work to do on her bonnet and feet, also I only had time to pencil in her eyes. I am planning to try to do sculpture of my dolls that I drew on paper years ago when my girls were young. I've always dreamed to market them :)


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