Wednesday, January 30, 2013

These Hearts make my heart go Pitter Patter!!!!

Beautiful Hearts from beautiful people!!!!! Thank you Debbie from Cozy Blanket for hosting such a lovely, fun swap...!!!! 1.The first heart on the left top is from Jane Palmer @ look at the detail...pretty pearls, yoyo and button mix so sweet :) 2. The heart below on the left is from All id bright@ so pretty embellished
with a pretty flower 3. The heart in the middle which included a sweet... adorable paperdoll from Jacqueline @ 4. The one on the right top is from Genie Robinson @
Ribbions ,buttons and bows ...Oh my... so sweet
5. The heart on the bottom left is from Sandie at So pretty! Look at the little beading and precious felt flowers...Beautiful! It's a work of art :)
Thank you Everyone !
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