Monday, December 26, 2011

This post is in loving memory of my Daughter Ashley Ann Adams 1992-2011

Update on a preventable tragedy: The driver of the vehicle my daughter was in was racing with another car .....I was told that the passengers in the other car did not know that their driver planned on racing....and I'm sure Ashley didn't know.......they were not even a half a mile from the site when these boys decided to race. The vehicle my daughter was in was a lifted jeep cherokee! The other vehicle he was racing decided to cut him off right on a bend in the road. This road these boys decided to race on was a heavily wooded area, both sides of the road.  I can't believe these boys took my daughters life!
More than anything in the world I wish she could be with breaks my heart that people could be so careless with someone elses life will never be the same without her ........I remember the last talk I had with her when she was here... It is so strange now and unbelievable that this could have happened..........I know in my heart that she had no idea what was going to happen or she would have never stepped into that vehicle.......Truly we will suffer for the rest of our lives... I am sure this could have been prevented.
 Thank you all for the love and support <3


Ashley you were our dancing rainbow and will always be ..... more about Ashley
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