Monday, October 3, 2011

Flea Market Finds and Some Fall Decor

Hello, there strangers!  We have been working on some really fun Fall projects, but we are in working on a bunch at the same time!  So you know that means we haven't quite completed any yet...Soon enough!  We started putting out some of our Fall decor...We are so ready for Fall and the weather has been sunny but nice and cool...It really is great after the Summer that we had and we just love Fall!  We also have a couple finds to share...
We found this adorable Sunnie Miss Toaster at the Flea Market yesterday...We have been wanting one for a long time...It's too cute!  This Kewpie doll we found at a Flea Market a while back and the little treat bag we found at a thrift store.  We are in the middle of making the Kewpie doll a Halloween costume...Yes, we are silly like that!  :)

This is part of our hutch which isn't done being decorated since we just started getting our Halloween decor from the attic...

We have a few different trays that we trade out with the season.  We love how this tray warms the place up!

We found this old milk bottle and this very cool Tonka dump truck at two different Flea Markets a couple weekends ago...The milk bottle is straight from the Garden State! 

A closer look at the milk bottle with its neat cowboy decal...It says "STAY ON TOP with AMERICA'S #1 FOOD MILK".  It will look lovely with some flowers especially a few stems of sunflowers.

Here is a cool Junior Cook Book with a pretty gingham cover and an adorable graphic...The refrigerator booklet looks so sweet with the daughter helping her mother and their matching hairdo's and outfits!  We also love jam jars, and have a small collection going.  We love this little strawberry and couldn't pass it up at the thrift store!

What did you find this weekend?

Have a lovely day,
Laura and Michele
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