Monday, July 18, 2011

This Is A Hoot!

Hello, there.  Sorry that it has been a while since we posted.  Busy, busy!  We have some things to show you today.  First up is a furniture makeover we just finished.  We got this piece of furniture from a thrift store for $25, it is solid wood.  We didn't get a picture with the drawers since we were so eager to start!  As you can see this had a lot of scuffs and knicks...

With a lot of sanding and hard work this was restored to it's original beauy...
We are very pleased with the way it turned out!

We also wanted to share two recent thrift finds...

This adorable owl lamp...The light works, we love this!!

And a picture of two sweet owls...We need to get matting for this frame...The picture is just so sweet and colorful!
We have more upcoming projects that once completed we will be sharing!

Have a great week,
Laura and Michele

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