Monday, March 7, 2011

Thrift Finds

Hello, there!  Did everyone have a good weekend?!  After a couple of weeks with no thrifting goodies...  We have been pretty lucky this past week while out thrifting and have finally found some things to come home with!

This cute container is by Corning Ware.  It is in excellent shape.  We love this bright cheery yellow!

This shaker is so pretty, we love the floral print!  Only 49 cents!  We are going to put cinnamon sugar in this. 

Yellow seems to be the theme!  We love this juice container with its lemon print.

We found these milkglass casserole bowls...

We could not pass up this set of six coasters.  They only cost one dollar!!  They say "Whose Deal", too cute!

We picked up this spoon rack for 99 cents.  We don't have any spoons to put on it yet, but we are looking forward to finding some!

P.S.  Tomorrow we will be posting about our giveaway.

Have a lovely day,
Laura and Michele
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