Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Exciting Thrift Finds!

Hello, there!  How is your week going?  We have been so busy!  We have finished some projects and have yet to get pictures of them!  We hit some thrift shops this weekend, and two yardsales.  A new thrift store opened up closeby!  The Grand Opening was this weekend!  This new thrift store is also right by the Goodwill and another thrift store that we frequent.  We have seen the Coming Soon signs for a while now and have been patiently waiting, luckily we were going to the Goodwill and the other thrift and saw all the balloons!  We ended up buying three goodies from there, but didn't take pictures yet!  Anyway, we have been meaning to show you some things that we have found recently.

We rarely ever find Pyrex at the thrift stores!  And imagine our surprise when we found one of our favorite prints...We were so excited, and smiling ear to ear!!  Ahh...The simple things that make us happy!  
This print is another favorite...We found it at the same thrift!!  Both are in such great condition.
We found this sweet strawberry spoon rest at Goodwill...
We were so happy to find this adorable owl ornament, we just love owls!  Speaking of owls, we have several owl things that we have yet to show on our blog.  The tiny wreaths from Woolworths will be a great addition to a project we have been working on since before Christmas!  We love the colors of the Christmas coasters from Hallmark...   
We just love the kitsch feel of this squirrel and peanut!
We hope you all are having a lovely week,
Laura and Michele
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