Thursday, February 24, 2011

We Won A Giveaway!

A while back we won a giveaway from Sherrie at A Conversation At Goodwill.  Due to the weather, it took a little time to get here.  That is why it took us time to post it!  This was our first giveaway that we won! :)  How exciting!  Here is what we won...

Two wall plaques with chickens, one says "I love quilting!  Keep me in stitches!", the other says "Quit you squawking and start sewing.  Sewing with the chicks."  How cute!  We also won a Goodwill bag that we can take on our thrifting adventures!  A pink scarf, another bag, a gingham plastic bag holder, we love gingham!, and a pot holder with a retro image and a matching towel!  Thank You again, Sherrie.  What a lovely giveaway.  Speaking of giveaways, we finally reached 100 followers + 2 so we are going to have a giveaway of our own!  We will be posting one very soon, so check back! 

Have a great day,
Laura and Michele
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