Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Weekend Finds

Hello, there!  Did everyone have a lovely weekend?  The weather wasn't so lovely Saturday, but Sunday was all sunshine...and we just love the sunshine!  So, we decided to get out and stop at a couple of our favorite thrifts.  Although, thrifting hasn't been all that great around here.  We can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can get to some yardsales/garagesales! 

This weekend we found a Bing Crosby record in great shape...We have been on the look for a record player and hope to find one soon!

A cute Charlie Brown puzzle by Hallmark, who doesn't love a good puzzle once in a while?

Our favorite find was this Homco elf/fairy.  We have seen the set of these in antique stores and online.  Sadly, this was the only one there.  We found it at Goodwill, this particular Goodwill  is so disorganized and things that go together are usually spread out throughout the store.  A while ago we bought a set of 6 tea cups...A few days later we went back and found the saucers.  We figured that whoever donated them just didn't have the saucers anymore, but luckily we stopped back in and found them.  We know that they didn't have them out the day we bought the tea cups because we always look around the store a couple times to make sure we didn't miss anything.  So...maybe we will come across them in a couple days or maybe the other two had been broken...?

Tune back in tomorrow for a project that we just finished!!

Happy Monday,
Laura and Michele
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