Friday, November 19, 2010

We LOVE Salt and Pepper Shakers

First of all I would like to say Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother, Laura!  We will show you one of the things I got her.  Recently we have been quite obsessed with vintage salt and pepper shakers.  When my mom (Laura) was a little girl, her grandmother had a salt and pepper shaker collection and she would admire it every time she went there.  We decided to start a collection of our own!  We also have been trying to find ones that her grandmother had, and we have found a few on the internet that her grandmother had in her collection.  We haven't had any luck in finding any at the thrifts.  Although we aren't in any rush to find a bunch because the hunt is always fun!  We have a set of three so far, which is a great start!  We want to show you of course!  The cute little doggies are one thing that I got my mom for her Birthday!  Aren't they adorable??

Not this Monday but the following Monday we are going to Philadelphia's Longwood Gardens for their Christmas display.  We have never been there but we always wanted to go (we are very excited!).  We are going with some family and friends (a girl's day out!).  We are also stopping at antique shops along the way, we can't wait!  Perhaps we will find another set?!

Have a great weekend,
Laura and Michele
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