Sunday, July 4, 2010

My new sewing basket I made!

My sister had a pattern for this sewing basket and we both decided to make one. They turned out so darn cute. I picked out some fabric I had laying around the house for projects such as this. I used alot of my brights for this one. This is the inside with colorful pockets for my sewing accessories.

In this picture is the flower pincushion and a little heart shaped scissor holder.
I really love this basket, but the pattern did not include handles. I'm thinking of adding large buttons on the sides and making a braided handle that will also be removable.
My sister took her basket to the shop to display before I had a chance to take pictures of her basket. Her color combination was very cute she used oranges, green, yellow, light purple, pink. She said she would email them to me so I can post them.

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