Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome To Our Blog

Hello, there!  We are new to blogging, boy have we been missing out!  This is a mother and daughter blog to be exact.   We are two hard working gals trying to squeeze in some "creative time" in our busy schedules.  Our blog was named after my mother (Michele's grandmother) Betty, who continues to be an inspiration to us (she is the Jill of all trades).  We both have a deep appreciation for the past.  A time when things were more simple.  We especially love vintage items of the 1940s-1950s era's.  We enjoy sewing, thrifting, decorating, re-purposing, gardening, crafting, cooking, baking, and etc.  Throughout our blog you will find projects ranging from any of the above.  For our first post, we would like to share some photos of my mother (Betty) and father's (Ron) home, the home that I grew up in.  My father passed away of lung cancer seven years ago and my mother sold their home because she couldn't afford to stay there.  The maintenance of the yard and such was also a lot to handle on her own.  The guy who bought it knocked it down and built five large houses on the land.  We know there are people out there that restore old homes, but it seems like there aren't enough.  Maybe it's just us, but it just seems like everything is being so "built up".  Now, moving on to those beautiful pictures...

We plan to share more pictures like these. The trellis and mailbox post were made by my father, Michele's grandfather. Those are just a couple of the projects he has done (we will share more soon).  Below are other old pictures of my parents and grandparents.

This is a picture of our front yard when I was a child......before my dad beautified it! It was a skating rink for us kids this one rained so hard  and it formed a super sized puddle! We were lucky that it  froze and we all had a blast skating on our own front yard!

This is mom and dad sitting at the dining room table

This picture is of my moms mom and dad at their house in Mantua New Jersey
Below is a picture of my mom and dad sitting at he table celebrating the New Year. I love that purple dress that my mom was was one of the many that she made

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