Monday, May 17, 2010

Grandmom Betty's Pretties!

Hello, everyone!  We know we are a little late in showing you all this, but here are some things we sent to Grandmom Betty for Mother's Day. 

First we made a card with a cute little banner.  We cut out triangles from scrapbook paper and used string to attach them.  We added a sweet saying inside, which was found here.  We don't remember where we got the image from.  Woops!  If we find it again, we will make sure to give credit!!

Then we made this adorable case for her sunglasses.

Grandmom Betty sews a lot so we bought her button pins!!  They are so cute, we had to buy some for ourselves too!!

She also gardens a lot, and this garden stake reminded us of her so in it went!

We saved the best for last!!  My mom, Laura, made this sweet pin cushion.  It was inspired by the Cath Kidston's pin cushion, and others when doing a search she came across this one  here.  
Later in the week we will show you all what I got my mom for Mother's Day!! 

Have a great week,
Laura and Michele


Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Love it all! You girls are so talented!!

Hope you had a great weekend


quiltjude said...

Oh how sweet - you are very clever ladies - great to be able to see you from all the way down here in Tasmania, Australia.
cheers Judy

Bonnie said...

i really love that pin cushion. i love mushroom crafts..they are so sweet! i sew also so i can really appreciate this!