Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Friday!!

Hello, everyone!  We were supposed to post our button project but it turns out that today was just too jam-packed.  It also just so happened to be one of those projects that grows into an even larger one than anticipated.  And just when you think you're just about done, you notice it needs a little something here and there...  When we started this project we had a certain idea in mind and from this idea it just started to stem into so much more!!  Does this happen to anyone else?  We normally are great at making deadlines!!  LOL.  We are sorry to disappoint anyone who was looking forward to it. We can PROMISE that Monday WILL be the day that we post it. 

Here are some vintage sheets from a stop at the thrift store.  They will be turned into aprons, valances, pillow shams, or something like that...Ahhh...So many projects that we want to do!!

This is our new sewing box that we got from JoAnn's.  It was 40% off and we really needed one!!

Have a great weekend! : )


Satu said...

Can't wait till Monday.
Have a good and crafty weekend!

Home's Where My Heart Is said...

Love your sheets! Gorgeous prints!!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!!


PS: I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow...

Bonnie said...

oh yes, i do recognize the styl of that sewing box, for i worked at JoAnn's for 5 years! It was an awesome job! the only reason i quit was because we moved from Florida back to home in Pennsylvania. On another note...i am very jealous of your vintage sheets find! every time i go to the thrift stores (we only have 2 around here) i can never find vintage sheets. i am always seeing people talking about their vintage sheet they found, but me, i am not so lucky...i will keep looking though!