Sunday, October 26, 2014

Help tips needed!!!!!

My garden bear is coming along pretty good but I'm not sure how well he will hold up outside.......the first picture is what he looks like right now. He is covered with apoxy clay..which should pretty much make him waterproof.  If anyone has any suggestions on what type of clay I should use for the finishing details feel free to tell me? ...I'm not sure but before I paint it... if no one has a good suggestion...I will probably use paperclay or jonni clay for the detailing of the eyes, and nose. 
Thank you for stopping by :)


vivian said...

paper clay will not hold up in wet weather. are you going to use something to seal it with? Im not sure what would work well. keep us posted how it turns out and what you end up using.
so far.. so good!

Laura Adams said...

Thank you Vivian!...I covered the bear with joint compound this morning. Next I will be detailing the eyes..I am going to use paperclay for that. I will just try to waterproof it with marine varnish...I sure hope it works